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Battleground India Mobile

Battleground India

The reports of Battlegrounds India Mobile download and update have been going around for months now. Krafton Inc., the parent company of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Corporation, announced the return of the PlayerUnknown’s Battleground game to India in November 2020. It was recently confirmed that the game will be renamed ‘Battlegrounds Mobile’ for India. The new relaunch will officially have many new features, including age restrictions and improved gameplay. Battlegrounds India will be FREE to play and will have the same royale mode as PUBG Mobile.

The Game Launch Date

The release date of the Battlegrounds Mobile, also known as PUBG Mobile, has not been revealed and registration for Android users has started today, 18th May 2021. And the game could be available for download by next month. Gamers who pre-register will get rewards, and to do so, you can visit the official website and click the button “Pre-Register” or simply follow our blog, registration link is right at the end of this article.

Battleground India
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Battleground India : Rules

  1. Restriction for kids and teens: Gamers below 18 years of age will need to register with their parent’s phone numbers and only play three hours each day. These gamers won’t be able to purchase more than INR 7000 per day through the app.
  2. Priority over privacy: The personal information of gamers will be stored in the servers located in India and Singapore. Also, the data may need to transfer to other countries for operating game services and to meet legal requirements. This game has been allowed to re-launch as previous privacy issues mentioned by the Indian Govt. have been addressed by the management at its parent company.

Why Battleground India

Krafton Inc. has specially communicated to content creators to refrain from using ‘PUBG’ in their content. Instead, they can use terms such as Battlegrounds Mobile India, Korean game, Indian version, and so forth.

Such restrictions are made to protect it from further restrictions put up by the Government of India.

PUBG: History

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground was developed by PUBG Cooperation which is owned by Krafton Inc.

While Krafton launched the game for personal computers, the mobile version was brought by a Chinese brand Tencent to India which eventually was banned due to its Chinese origins and privacy concerns.

The developers of the game say that there will be a new gaming ecosystem that will improve the Esports scenario in the country. Battlegrounds Mobile: India will also bring many new outfits and skins and in-game events that will be targeted, especially towards the Indian audience.

Mobile Minimum Requirements

Battlegrounds Mobile India is said to have the following device requirements:

  • File Size – 2 GB approximately
  • Operating System – Android 6 and above, iOS 13.0 and above
  • RAM – 4 GB

Players must know that no official details regarding the specification and requirements for the new game have been announced. For the complete details regarding the specifications, players must wait for the official release of the game.

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