Microsoft Surface Pro No Power issue

Microsoft Surface Repair

One of the recent, rather complex cases we resolved is of a Microsoft Surface Repair. Needless to say, these machines are expensive and very compact, not to be taken lightly when it comes to repairs. In fact, most technicians are scared of even touching a Microsoft Surface for repair because of the delicate nature of the computer and particularly the display of the machine.

Microsoft Surface – No Power Issue

So what do you do to repair Microsoft surface? Recently, a customer contacted us, he had already got the laptop checked with his office IT team, they could not fix it, he called Microsoft support and they said that the only way to fix it is to send the computer to Singapore where they can replace the damaged internal parts and bring it back to life! Needless to say, that is a barbaric option and the customer did not consider it, so the laptop kept collecting dust in his office for months before he came across Gadget Guruz doorstep service.

Our customer lives in Faridabad but his laptop was in his office in Gurgaon, and needless to say amid Covid-19, we are all not going to our office yet. So, the customer asked us to pick up the laptop from Gurgaon and see if we can fix it. We obliged and brought the laptop to one of our repair centers. After diagnosing it, we found out that the power supply and graphics card of the laptop was damaged, due to which it was not working. And most technicians denied touching the laptop as the display was fine but is very fragile to deal with and risky to remove in order to fix the laptop.

Microsoft Surface Repaired – Issue Resolved

We told the customer that we can do it we can fix his Microsoft Surface; he was so surprised that he actually confirmed and mentioned the incident when Microsoft asked him to send it to Singapore. The customer gladly agreed for us to carry out the repair. Delicate as it was, we fixed his laptop and brought it back to life, checked it and checked it again to make sure everything is working smoothly. And then had it delivered to the customer’s residence in Faridabad where his wife gladly received the laptop, happy to know that it is finally fixed after sitting in his office for so many months.

Microsoft Surface Fixed

This is just one of the many happy customers we have recently attained and are continuing to do so every day. We strive to provide you seamless solutions for all Gadget repairs, no matter how complex, no matter how delicate; we can take care of it. And we know you love your expensive gadgets, and we treat them as our own to make sure there are no issues.

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  1. This is an amazing way of providing a solution to our gadget issues for people like us. I say this coz I have used your service and my laptop works as new now.. It is a safer and more secure way to get our laptops etc repaired or fixed..
    I’d definitely recommend you guys..

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